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AI-Powered Test Automation for the Cloud

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"Test automation supports the continuous development of our systems in a flexible manner. This helps us identify the project phase and gain practical experience from the projects more quickly."
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50 supported enterprise applications

Lightning dynamic content

Open-source API integrations

Parallel test execution robots

AI-powered reporting dashboard

Native UI for SAP and ERP

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Who we are and what we do.

    • Plans and Features

      • Start your test automation journey in minutes with our low-code SaaS platform No need for on-premise installation physical infrastructure or tedious training

      • Test any platform device or browser u2014 from mobile environments to apps running in parallel to on-target test cases

      • Turn your 1 bottleneck into your 1 superpower Plug Robotic Testing into your CI CD DevOps pipeline Jenkins Git Bamboo etc

      • Eliminate broken tests and manual maintenance with self-healing AI Leverage our ML-informed analytics to predict the quality of your next release

      • Whip up low-code test scripts in seconds via visual recording and natural language keywords

      • Harness the power of business intelligence with end-to-end test automation analytics Get a 360 view of your testing infrastructure and drive ROI

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