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"Live English Learning for Adults & Kids "

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enguru classes are special! We believe in the communicative approach to language learning - all classes are focused around group activities and role plays.
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Unlimited Live Classes

Qualified English Teachers

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Who we are and what we do.

    • Plans and Features

      • Book a live video class with our Cambridge qualified teachers anytime anywhere You have the flexibility to schedule an entire course or just one class

      • Learn English by Practising reading writing listening speaking through lessons videos and with different types of games and you will never get bored

      • Share badges coins that you earn with friends and see how they u2019re performing Compete with them through leaderboards and multiplayer games

      • Practice your English through videos on fun topics such as Bollywood Cricket and many more Improve your vocabulary through daily news lessons

      • Improve your spoken English through real world scenarios developed by the enguru team Practice speaking to a customer your colleague manager friend or family member

      • Customize your course according to the skill you want to learn the time you want to spend each day the job you are applying for and much more

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