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Startup incubators and accelerators in Amsterdam: A guide for entrepreneurs

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The StartupAmsterdam ecosystem hosts a rich and diverse network of startup incubators and startup accelerators. Across sectors, industries and special fields, they support entrepreneurs and young companies in planning, running and accelerating a successful business strategy. This guide includes a comprehensive, if not complete, overview of programmes in the Amsterdam Area and beyond.
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Startup incubators

Startup accelerators

Sector-specific programmes

Female empowerment and minority programmes

Networking with peers and professionals

Fully remote digital programmes

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Who we are and what we do.

    • Plans and Features

      • A non-profit organisation

      • Hive01 helps students and young professionals start their own company through a five-month programme

      • Rockstart enables startups in Amsterdam to become scalable by providing access to capital

      • market

      • community and expertise in the domains of emerging tech

      • energy

      • health and agri-food

      • As the world u2019s largest pre-seed startup incubator

      • the Amsterdam-Silicon Valley Founder Institute helps aspiring entrepreneurs

      • solo entrepreneurs and small teams get their initial traction and funding

      • Business Accelerator offers a two-day intensive Scaleup Bootcamp looking at micro-strategies to promote growth and revenues

      • Collider 2 0 focuses on late-stage B2B or B2B2C startups with a validated product in marketing

      • advertising or commerce tech

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Service: IT & Tech
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