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Jungroo Learning

AI powered assessments, evaluation, practice and learning platform for education.

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Jungroo helps you digitise your entire education needs using our easy to use platform. Our award winning AI algorithms also gives personalised practise and learning solutions for learners.
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Who we are and what we do.

    • Plans and Features

      • We support tablets mobiles and laptops for students to take assessments as well as teachers to create assessments

      • Different types of assessment creation with topic taggings difficulty levels adaptive assessments are available

      • Get analytics with Rankings Subject Class Assessment wise scores Student performance at question level and topic level etc

      • The AI system finds the forgetting curve of the students and gives practice of concepts at the right time to increase long term retention of the students

      • We also have SDKs and APIs to integrate with your existing tech applications

      • Jungroo does not give too easy questions or too difficult questions and always gives the right concept to practice at the right time

      • We curate and customize our offerings based on the individual needs of every stake holder in the organization

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