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Startup Incubator : Early-stage startup incubator Starter by Schoolab, accompanies French and international entrepreneurs from the idea to the first customers for 6 months. Switch from the idea to the first sale in record time.
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Minimize financial risk by assessing your consumer s needs through a field study

Generate innovative concepts based on collected insights

Rely on Schoolab s expertise for a thorough field analysis and user research

Develop user-centric products in record time with the agile project management methodology developed in our own startup incubator

What will I get?


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Who we are and what we do.

    • Plans and Features

      • Be armed to deal with entrepreneurial issues by training with the best experts and mentors at our Startup Incubator

      • Be pushed to confront its users

      • make sales and iterate in order to define a value proposition and market for your company and its product

      • Be surrounded by the team of the Schoolab startup incubator and be as close as possible to professional entrepreneurs

      • Training in creativity and design thinking

      • startup incubator

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